The Becoat® line grows and becomes even more efficient with Becoat® WB 1000.

Transition-plates treated with Becoat WB 1000

(Transition-plates treated with Becoat® WB 1000).

The ever-increasing demands being placed on Aluminium components in areas such as weight reduction or higher mechanical strength have resulted in the need to develop more sophisticated alloys as well as reliable casting processes.
Such developments require intelligent solutions – not just in terms of refractory materials, but also in their surface protection through the use of special coatings.

Whether ingot casting or continuous casting, the Eredi Scabini range offers custom-designed solutions for every application – productive, reliable and efficient.
BEcoat® is the Eredi Scabini’s family of Boron Nitride coatings for the Aluminium industry.

BEcoat® products are aqueous suspensions with high concentration of Boron Nitride specifically developed for molten metal applications. Metals and ceramic materials coated with BEcoat® are easier to clean and last longer thanks to the excellent lubricating and non-wetting properties of Boron Nitride combined with special nano binders and additives.

BEcoat® WB 1000, the last born, has been specifically developed for coating transition plates for Aluminium billets casting. The product can also be used in other applications in Aluminium, Zinc and Magnesium industries on ceramic materials in contact with molten metals to prevent corrosion and make the cleaning easier. In addition to the excellent lubricating and ‘non-wetting’ properties of Boron Nitride, special nano-additives provide good adhesion.

BEcoat® WB 1000 is available concentrated -to be diluted- or ready to use and can be applied by spraying or paintbrush.
Further information on the BEcoat® full range is available on our website.

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