Research & Development

For decades, Eredi Scabini has been formulating new products at the technological state of the art, the outcome of in-depth studies carried out with the greatest care and precision in the Research & Development laboratories.

Our technical staff, with in-depth knowledge of ceramics, mineralogy and chemistry, work constantly in close contact with universities and external research laboratories to identify the best solution for every requirement.

The sophisticated equipment, the development of new installation techniques and access to a vast range of high quality raw materials guarantee Eredi Scabini unrivalled flexibility in the development of more and more complex materials, constantly at the state of the art.

Tests, analyses and simulations using latest-generation instrumentation, as well as highly skilled professionals of proven experience, are the fundamental aspects in which the company invests 50% of its annual profits to ensure that it is always able to offer its customers tailor-made solutions safely, quickly and efficiently.

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