Talent, commitment and the will to win have always been our key characteristics, earning our customers’ respect over time.
Just like Ferrari, the prestigious automotive company in Maranello, for whom Eredi Scabini has been a supplier and sponsor for more than thirty years.
This year, Eredi Scabini is again sponsoring the Ferrari F488 Challenge car during the “2018 Ferrari Club Challenge” event.
This season will feature some of the world’s top Italian and international raceways:
- MUGELLO (Italy), March 22nd
- SILVERSTONE (UK), April 26th
- SPA (Belgium), May 10th
- MISANO (Italy), June 7th
- BRNO (Czech Republic), July 19th
- BARCELONA (Spain), September 13th
- MONZA (Italy), 3rd December 2018 (to be confirmed)

It gives all of us at Eredi Scabini great pleasure to share this fantastic event with our most loyal customers and friends by offering them the opportunity to gain first-hand experience on the race course beside an expert driver.
This is a chance you do not want to miss to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Ferrari, to meet the engineers, mechanics and the professional drivers, at work, in the pits and on the track.

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Talent, commitment and team spirit have always been our key characteristics, and have won us our customers’ respect over time.

Just like the prestige Maranello-based automotive firm, for which Eredi Scabini – apart from being a supplier for more than thirty years – is also a sponsor, of Ferrari F458 cars in the “CHALLENGE“ championship, F430 CUP cars in the “SUPERSTAR GT SPRINT” championship and F430 SCUDERIA cars in the “FERRARI CLUB ITALIA” trophy.

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