GIFA 2011

Eredi Scabini exhibited at the GIFA fair in Düsseldorf for the fourth time, attracting considerable interest from the many visitors, who received an introduction to the new Histone® e Flextrong® HT products .

On the stand, the visitors were able to view and touch Eredi Scabini solutions: the CPS system for crucible induction furnaces, the Flextrong gantry for reverberatory furnaces and the “large aggregate’ crown centre for electric arc furnaces.
Eredi Scabini thanks its customers, its suppliers and all those visitors whose presence and interest in our company helped to make the event a success.

Special thanks to all the Eredi Scabini staff, who worked hard before, during and after the fair to ensure that the result would confirm our mission statement: “Everything that is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.”

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