Eredi Scabini turns 70.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: we offer opportunities, never just products.

eredi_702015 is a very important year for Eredi Scabini for many reasons. First and foremost because it is celebrating 70 years of successful, thriving business and constant growth.

The merit for this lies first of all with the founder, Osvaldo Scabini, who made this magnificent company possible, and then with his heirs and their many fine inspirational ideas, which over the years have earned the company a reputation for top-grade quality and services. Customers have also played a key role, and not only in terms of sales figures. Their problems and their needs have provided the necessary stimulus for the development of more and more important products and projects.

Successful products such as the CPS® (Crucible Pre-formed System) and ABT® (Advanced Block Technology), together with our most famous monolithics, such as Flustone® and Histone®, were developed in just this way, and then went on to actually change the whole approach to refractories. Today the new Nanoplast®  products  are once again revolutionising the fundamentals of our sector; one example is the new IPS™ (Inductor Preformed System) project, which is opening out unprecedented management options for foundries.

The fact that we are now celebrating our first 70 years of prosperous business is also thanks to all the employees who have worked for our company over time with dedication, commitment and team spirit.

It was with them and their families that Eredi Scabini chose to share the joy of this major milestone, by organising a party at the company’s main site. A day of pleasure and enjoyment for young and old, with games, cooking sessions and magic shows, not to mention singing and dancing performances by the participants themselves. During the day, guests were also able to view all the company’s production departments.

2015 is now drawing to an end, and – in spite of the considerable current difficulties – this year we are once again very satisfied with the results achieved. Because, as company Chairman Daniele Scabini reminds us: “Here at Eredi Scabini – today as in the past – we offer customers opportunities, never just products.”

And the story goes on …

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