Eredi Scabini launches the new BEcoat® WB line

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Eredi Scabini Srl and the German-based Henze BNP AG, specialist for boron nitride products, signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the development and distribution of boron nitride coatings.
Increasing aluminium component requirements, such as weight reduction or increased load-bearing capacity, necessitate special alloys and casting processes in cast aluminium. Simultaneously, this development requires new solutions in the field of refractory products and their protection with special coatings. As an answer to this challenge, the Eredi Scabini/Henze cooperation will bundle both companies’ know-how and their many years of experience to offer customised solutions and an optimal service to their customers. Particular in the areas of product development and global distribution, both companies will cooperate closely. The products, primarily ceramic coatings with a high share of boron nitride, will be distributed by Eredi Scabini under the brand name BEcoat® WB.
“Thanks to the close cooperation with Eredi Scabini, resources are bundled in the sales and marketing sector. By means of this, we can offer our customers optimal solutions and service worldwide,” Matthias Henze, chairman of Henze BNP AG emphasises. “We are looking forward to the cooperation with Henze. The ceramic coatings are the ideal match for our product line. This way, we can offer our customers perfectly aligned systems,” says a delighted Corrado Scabini, Sales and Marketing director of Eredi Scabini.

About the product:
BEcoat®: Advanced boron nitride coatings for aluminium Industry.
BEcoat® products are aqueous suspensions with a high concentration of Boron Nitride specifically developed for molten metal applications.
Metals and ceramic materials coated/treated with BEcoat® are easier to clean and last longer thanks to the excellent lubricating and non-wetting properties of Boron Nitride combined with special nano binders and additives.
BEcoat® is available concentrated – to be diluted – or ready to use, in different colors, and can be applied by spraying or paintbrush.

Main features:
- Protects metals, ceramics and graphite from corrosion
- Inhibits corundum and slag growth on refractory linings
- Excellent lubricating and release properties
- High adhesion and good abrasion resistance
- Easy application by spraying or with paintbrush
- Water-based, physiologically safe / environmentally friendly products
- Pre-heating is recommended
- Colored products available for easier visualization

BEcoat® line includes:
BEcoat® WB 100
BEcoat® WB 200
BEcoat® WB 300
BEcoat® WB 330

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