Eredi Scabini will participate at the ALUMINIUM 2018

2018 Trade fairs
12th World Trade Fair & Conference, 9 – 11 Ottobre 2018 – Messe Düsseldorf, Germania.
Eredi Scabini sarà lieta di accogliere i visitatori allo stand n. 10G45

Eredi Scabini launches the new BEcoat® WB line

Becoatwb Becoatwb
Eredi Scabini Srl and the German-based Henze BNP AG, specialist for boron nitride products, signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the development and distribution of boron nitride coatings.
Increasing aluminium component requirements, such as weight reduction or increased load-bearing capacity, necessitate special alloys and casting processes in cast aluminium. Simultaneously, this development requires new solutions in the field of refractory products and their protection with special coatings. As an answer to this challenge, the Eredi Scabini/Henze cooperation will bundle both companies’ know-how and their many years of experience to offer customised solutions and an optimal service to their customers. Particular in the areas of product development and global distribution, both companies will cooperate closely. The products, primarily ceramic coatings with a high share of boron nitride, will be distributed by Eredi Scabini under the brand name BEcoat® WB.
“Thanks to the close cooperation with Eredi Scabini, resources are bundled in the sales and marketing sector. By means of this, we can offer our customers optimal solutions and service worldwide,” Matthias Henze, chairman of Henze BNP AG emphasises. “We are looking forward to the cooperation with Henze. The ceramic coatings are the ideal match for our product line. This way, we can offer our customers perfectly aligned systems,” says a delighted Corrado Scabini, Sales and Marketing director of Eredi Scabini.

About the product:
BEcoat®: Advanced boron nitride coatings for aluminium Industry.
BEcoat® products are aqueous suspensions with a high concentration of Boron Nitride specifically developed for molten metal applications.
Metals and ceramic materials coated/treated with BEcoat® are easier to clean and last longer thanks to the excellent lubricating and non-wetting properties of Boron Nitride combined with special nano binders and additives.
BEcoat® is available concentrated – to be diluted – or ready to use, in different colors, and can be applied by spraying or paintbrush.

Main features:
- Protects metals, ceramics and graphite from corrosion
- Inhibits corundum and slag growth on refractory linings
- Excellent lubricating and release properties
- High adhesion and good abrasion resistance
- Easy application by spraying or with paintbrush
- Water-based, physiologically safe / environmentally friendly products
- Pre-heating is recommended
- Colored products available for easier visualization

BEcoat® line includes:
BEcoat® WB 100
BEcoat® WB 200
BEcoat® WB 300
BEcoat® WB 330

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It is the company’s highly quality-oriented policy, continuous innovation in its product line, and, above all, its ability to offer custom solutions based on specific demands that have placed Eredi Scabini at the top, as a well-known and highly-appreciated partner around the world.
This year, for the first time, the company will participate as an exhibitor at IRAN METAFO 2017, in Hall 7, Stand B03 (held in Tehran, December 4 to 7, 2017).

2016 exhibitions and conferences

2016 Trade fairs and conferences with the participation of Eredi Scabini
EEC 2016 – 11th European Electric Steelmaking conference & Expo, 25-27 May 2016 – Venice – Italy
ALUMINIUM 2016 – 11th World Trade Fair & Conference, 29 November/1 December 2016 – Messe Düsseldorf, Germany.
We will be pleased to meet you at booth n. 10G45

Eredi Scabini turns 70.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: we offer opportunities, never just products.

eredi_702015 is a very important year for Eredi Scabini for many reasons. First and foremost because it is celebrating 70 years of successful, thriving business and constant growth.

The merit for this lies first of all with the founder, Osvaldo Scabini, who made this magnificent company possible, and then with his heirs and their many fine inspirational ideas, which over the years have earned the company a reputation for top-grade quality and services. Customers have also played a key role, and not only in terms of sales figures. Their problems and their needs have provided the necessary stimulus for the development of more and more important products and projects.

Successful products such as the CPS® (Crucible Pre-formed System) and ABT® (Advanced Block Technology), together with our most famous monolithics, such as Flustone® and Histone®, were developed in just this way, and then went on to actually change the whole approach to refractories. Today the new Nanoplast®  products  are once again revolutionising the fundamentals of our sector; one example is the new IPS™ (Inductor Preformed System) project, which is opening out unprecedented management options for foundries.

The fact that we are now celebrating our first 70 years of prosperous business is also thanks to all the employees who have worked for our company over time with dedication, commitment and team spirit.

It was with them and their families that Eredi Scabini chose to share the joy of this major milestone, by organising a party at the company’s main site. A day of pleasure and enjoyment for young and old, with games, cooking sessions and magic shows, not to mention singing and dancing performances by the participants themselves. During the day, guests were also able to view all the company’s production departments.

2015 is now drawing to an end, and – in spite of the considerable current difficulties – this year we are once again very satisfied with the results achieved. Because, as company Chairman Daniele Scabini reminds us: “Here at Eredi Scabini – today as in the past – we offer customers opportunities, never just products.”

And the story goes on …

Eredi Scabini at Gifa 2015 exhibition

From 16th to 20th June 2015, Eredi Scabini will exhibit at the Gifa, the 13th International Trade Fair that will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. We will be pleased to meet you at Eredi Scabini booth no. 10F56.

“Our Sigmaplast AL will revolutionize the market for refractories”

Interview_ScabiniInterview with Daniele Scabini
“Our Sigmaplast AL will revolutionize the market for refractories”

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Eredi Scabini R&D Lab: an inexhaustible workshop for new ideas.

Eredi_Scabini_R&D_LabOur company has always implemented a policy strongly oriented towards quality and the continual innovation of its offering.

In the Research and Development laboratory, the heart and soul of the company, engineers and researchers, with in-depth knowledge of ceramics, mineralogy and chemistry, work constantly in close contact with the very best international universities and external research laboratories to identify new products for specific requirements.

The sophisticated equipment, the development of new installation techniques and access to a vast range of high quality raw materials guarantee Eredi Scabini unrivalled flexibility in the development of more and more complex materials, constantly at the state of the art.

Responsive to the evolving market and with a clear orientation towards new technologies, during the last few years Eredi Scabini’s research work has focused above all on the development of nanotechnology and the application of its basic principles in the refractory sector.

This has been a project on a vast scale, in which the company has invested and is continuing to invest immense human and financial resources and which is already yielding amazing results.

Today nanotechnology itself is no longer new, and plenty of companies have already used and sold it in their products. We are not content with this, we are doing much more.

We view nanotechnology as simply a means to the development of a new product concept with features that write new chapters in the history of refractory materials

A product, or rather an extended family of products with such revolutionary characteristics that we feel it is reductive to describe them as just “nanostructured castables”.

Eredi Scabini owns hundreds of exclusive proprietary products.
The nanoplastic products further extend its offering, giving its customers a vast range of options for dealing with every requirement in the best possible way, in terms of both performance and cost.

We will be coming back to this topic with further information very soon …

Eredi Scabini amongst the best suppliers of the Tenaris Group

TENARIS DALMINE EXIROS SUPPLIERS AWARD 2013 010Eredi Scabini took part in the Exiros Suppliers Award, a prize awarded in recognition of the quality and excellence of products and services provided by Tenaris, Ternium and Techint Engineering & Construction suppliers.
Exiros, service company that centralises procurement and purchase operations of the group, operates in 14 countries for a total of $ 7.5 billion.
Eredi Scabini was listed amongst the best suppliers of the Tenaris group, those which distinguish themselves for the quality of their work. The criteria for identifying the best suppliers are based on key performance indicators of Exiros and Tenaris Dalmine, including: safety, timeliness of delivery, quality, level of service, nonconformities and distinctive capabilities of the supplier in general.

2lite: the new microporous foam that revolutionizes the concept of insulation.

2lite®: the new insulating foam.
Eredi Scabini is proud to introduce 2lite®, the product line that represents an absolute novelty on the market for insulation products.
Developed  for the simple, fast and safe creation of  back-up for preformed linings, 2lite® is an insulating mixture that expands in situ, generating a foam with very low thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance and good mechanical strength.
2lite® is supplied in a ready to use kit.   Download pdf